If you are someone who has spent many hours working from home, then the move to a coworking space might be a difficult decision. Even though working from home has a lot of pros there are a few cons too. The biggest advantage, especially if you’re living in Belgrade, is the precious time you save in commuting. Other advantages, like being able to take care of household errands, can be a major plus too. But it’s also true that working from home can be incredibly lonely, especially if your job does not require you to talk to a lot of people.


As far as distractions go, It is definitely true that you will be dealing with a lot more noise in a coworking space than you did at home. But these so-called minor distractions, are in fact what keeps you awake and focused.




Some people love networking, others don’t.  Regardless of how you feel about it, networking remains one of the most powerful tools in achieving success. Unlike popular perception, coworking does not necessarily mean you automatically have to fake a smile at dozens of strangers, it just means that there are endless networking possibilities whenever you feel like it. There are all kinds of people in a coworking space, and people who choose to focus on work can do so without any problem.


Coworking spaces aren’t really expensive when you take into account endless amenities you get. Regardless of whether you are a startup with employees or a self-employed individual, there are coworking spaces that should fit your budget and needs.