Not so long ago, the co-working phenomenon has changed the face of business real eastate for better. Co-working spaces aren’t just for digital nomads and startup entrepreneurs anymore, either. WeShare, offers a innovative culture of modern without traditional costs and obligations of past decades. The emphasis is on community and work as fun.  Our hybrid of hospitality and technology has made the co-working model a reality in Serbia.

If you and your team are just starting up or looking to expand into new markets, you may be trying to decide if joining the WeShare co-working revolution makes sense.

Option 1: Coworking space

If you’re an indipendent entrepreneur or part of a small team, co-working is most likely the right choice for having a dedicated location for work. Yes, it’s more expensive than working from home, but but bear in mind many amenities co-working spaces offer. For example, expenses such as office furniture and renovations are included in your rent, as well as electricity, high speed internet, parking, printing services and other utilities. Not to mention there are no high up-front costs or long-term commitments, what so ever.

Option 2: Private office

When deciding between a co-working space and a private office, ask yourself how your current and target clientele will perceive your business.  If you are a business owner that relies largely on face-to-face interaction with clients, consider the impression that your being in a non-dedicated office will leave on your clients. A co-working space, for instance, gives you less control over whom you surround yourself with and your ability to minimize distractions

The truth is – there is no one universal answer. Many businesses start out in a co-working space and found that as our business grew, it made more sense to scale up our headquarters in a private office. What you need from your environment will change as your business changes. Keeping an open mind and maintaining an attitude of self-evaluation are the best ways to ensure you’re in the right space.